Our Bouncers

Big Island Splash and Bounce

Our Bouncers

Whether you’re creating a birthday bash that the children will remember forever, or just trying to keep the little ones out of the adults hair for a little while, we can help.

When renting a bouncer, you need someone you can trust to get there on time with clean, sterile bouncers, in the very best condition for your kids.

Nurses by trade, the Langleys understand the importance of a proper cleaning routine, and so incorporate a stringent disinfectant procedure after each rental, making sure your kids are exposed to the cleanest conditions. Every piece of equipment is cleaned and disinfected after each event.

Safety is the number one priority for every rental. Big Island Splash & Bounce is fully licensed, fully insured and follows federal guidelines.

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  • 77-110 Kalupho Place Kailua-Kona, HI, 96740
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